Laviish-Laviish Smile | Teeth Whitening Polish

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A carefully formulated blend of activated charcoal (from coconut husks), coconut oil, essential peppermint oil and sunflower wax.

In our clinical study* Laviish® - Smile improved teeth whiteness by up to 5 shades after 14 days use. Gentle on the gums and clinically approved by dentists, Laviish® Smile use the natural properties of activated charcoal to remove stains and essential peppermint for fresher breath.

Unlike charcoal powder, the charcoal particles are suspended in a blend of coconut oil, essential peppermint oil and sunflower wax. By suspending the charcoal in this blend Laviish®Smile maximises the benefits of activated charcoal for whitening teeth and is gentler on the gums.

Laviish®Smile remains solid up to temperatures of over 30 degrees celsius removing the risk of accidental spillage which could cause havoc in your bathroom. With the addition of essential peppermint oil you can be assured of a minty fresh smell and taste. 

  • Clinically tested*
  • Whitens teeth up to 5 shades whiter*
  • Gentle on the gums
  • Clinically approved by Dentists*

Warning: Keep out of the reach of children. Do not share this product or toothbrush used with another person. This product should be used in addition to and not instead of a regular toothpaste.



Coco nucifera oil, carbon, helianthus annus, seed cara, mentha piperita oil, limonene