Fosh Water Bottle-Active | Flamingo Pink

Designer: Fosh


Created from nature our striking Flamingo Pink bottle is a perfect blend of image and substance. We try to offer both subtle and striking colours in the range to cover all tastes but in our Flamingo we really have struck the balance perfectly! Is it stunning, oh yes, is it subtle, it really is!

We like to take the credit wherever we can but we were just lucky with this one, we will try to keep it in the range as long as we can.

Offered in a highly durable matt powder coated finish designed for the trials of everyday life and you can forget spills thanks to its airtight seal.

  • Larger Capacity 750ml bottle
  • Lightweight design includes D-ring for comfy carrying
  • Wide mouth design for easy filling
  • Durable powder coated matt finish 
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and BPA free