Bain & Savon-Chamomile Shampoo Bar 'Blonde Hair'


These bars feature a double dose of scalp-soothing chamomile, incorporating both tea and oil infusion of the flowers. Their shampoo bar has been formulated with lots of lovely sunflower oil and shea butter along with their home grown Lavender, infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

All of their soaps are made with 100% natural, Vegan ingredients and lovingly made at their soapery in the Cumbrian countryside.

How to use:

Please Note: There is usually an adjustment period of about 1 month on chemically treated hair when using natural products.

To use the shampoo bar just wet your hair thoroughly and rub the bar over your head until you feel enough has been left on your hair to create a lather.

Please don’t use your shampoo bar once or twice and decide you don’t like it, everyone’s hair is different and it may take a little time for your hair to adjust. It may take up to two weeks to rid your hair from all the residue left over from the chemicals in the commercial shampoos. Give your hair time to adjust to the lack of chemicals and hair product build up. But stick it out and get through this period and you will realise just how much healthier your hair is, it will be soft and shiny in no time!

130g bar wrapped in wax paper and our trademark ribbon and seal.

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