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What is Cruelty Free?

When a company is Cruelty Free they should stand by ALL of the following: 


1. They DO NOT test on animals at any point during production of their products.

2. They DO NOT allow third parties to test their products on animals.

3. The ingredients they use from suppliers are NOT tested on animals.

4. They DO NOT allow countries to test on animals when required by law (For Example, Cosmetics sold in China are required by Law to be tested on animals)

5. They are NOT owned by a company who isn't Cruelty Free-E.g The Body Shop was owned by L'Oréal.

This last one depends on preference for a lot of people. For us, we will always have all 5 of the above ticked-No if, buts or maybes. Companies we collaborate with will have to sign our Company Cruelty Free Policy to be in our boxes. 

Finally, be careful of fake 'Not Tested on Animal' logos-These don't always mean Cruelty Free-If you're unsure then always do your research and ask the company for their Cruelty Free/Animal Testing Statement. We're here to make this side of shopping for Cruelty Free easier-You can always drop us an email and we'll be happy to help with any worries or 

Lots of Love,

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Team x 

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