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Current Subscribers & New Subscribers Important Info-Please note to follow the log in tab under the 'Subscription Boxes' drop down tab or 'Subscription Box Log In' at the top of our website to access your account as the log in for our Main Website is not the same as your Subscription Log in. We will be letting you know when they are transferred to our new website.



How Does The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Work?

We choose only the best Trusted & Accredited Products out there-Trust us there are plenty! You fill out a small survey (we want to get to know you & what products you want) After this you can choose whether you want to subscribe Month to Month or Prepay for 3 or 6 Months. Finally, head to the checkout, fill out your details & pay-Let us do the rest! Your lovely Box will be shipped to you on or around the 10th of Each Month!

How Do I know I can Trust The Products?

Firstly, you have our word-We wouldn't be doing this without having a passion for helping animals.

Secondly, we know that may not be enough. Every Company we use whether they have an accreditation or not have to sign our Cruelty Free Company Policy-If you head over to 'What Is Cruelty Free' you'll see exactly what we stand for. When we say Cruelty Free we mean it, 100% in fact and Vegan!

What's Inside The Cruelty Free Beauty Box?

The Beauty Box-How Beauty Boxes originally started, with a mix & match of everything-Skincare, Make Up, Bath & Body, Fragrance, Hair Care, Nail Care-Anything Beauty related! 5 Lovely Products will be inside! 

Boxes will always be a minimum of £30 value-Over the past year our Boxes have averaged at £40+
Do you repeat Products?
Nope! You will not get the same product twice within a 12 Month Cycle! 
Are the boxes suitable for Vegans?
It sure is! All our Boxes are 100% Vegan!
How Much Does It Cost? Are there any hidden fees?
The Beauty Box-Monthly £14.95
We also have 3 & 6 Month Prepay Options available
There are no hidden fee's and if you choose Monthly Billing you can cancel anytime before your renewal-No catch!
Shipping Costs
All Boxes Include Free UK Shipping via Royal Mail 2nd Class
We also Ship to Europe £3.95 Standard Delivery
USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand £5.95 Standard Delivery
How does billing work?
Monthly Subscriptions will be billed on the 1st of Each Month for that Months Box. Prepay is billed at the checkout when you pick the 3 or 6 Month option. 


When is the monthly deadline? When will I receive my first box?
Monthly deadline to subscribe for our next Months Box is the 4th E.g - If you subscribe before the 4th of May you would receive your First Box in May. If you subscribe after the 4th of May your First Box would be June-You will not be charged twice before you receive your first box.
All boxes are shipped on or around the 10th of Each Month
E.g- If you've Subscribed before the 4th June, your Box will be shipped on or around the 10th of June. If you've subscribed after the cut off date (4th of each month) So say the 6th of June your first box will be shipped on or around the 10th
I want to make a change to my subscription-How do I do this & when by?
You can make any changes to your account by logging in and editing your subscription, if you're unsure of how to do anything, drop us an email and we'll be happy to help. All changes need to be made by Midnight 4th for that months box.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Simply Log In to your account and either cancel or pause your subscription-We understand that everyone cancels for different reasons, but if you think it's one we should know about then please let us know!
Can I sign up for just one box?
Yes, you can Pre Order a one off Box from our shop.
How do gifts work?
You can either do a Gift Subscription for the recipient (Simply select this at checkout & enter a gift message if you wish) or you can Pre Order them a One Off Box-It's entirely up to you!


Got a question about this or Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty? Drop us an email to and we'll be happy to help!

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