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Delune-Lavender & Peppermint Face Mist 50ml


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If there is one go-to facial mist that we recommend for anyone, it would be our lavender and peppermint facial mist. Enriched with the skin healing properties of lavender and peppermint essential extracts, this mist is sure to be something you would carry in your purse wherever you will go. An instant skin refresher and radiance booster, it works its way to maintain your skin’s natural balance.

Lavender is famously known for its miracle skin rejuvenating properties for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, wrinkles and fine lines, eczema and other skin irritations. Peppermint has antibacterial properties that keep any breakouts away. What’s more? It smells absolutely amazing! The best way to use this facial mist is to spray some all over the face in the morning or at night and wait for 5 minutes for the skin to absorb it all in and then you can apply anything else for your skincare or makeup routine. This really does smell very pepperminty, so I hope you like it fresh!

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the organic materials used during production, the colour of this product might vary between batches.

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