Zero Waste & Plastic Free

Plastic Free &/or Zero Waste, Cruelty Free, Vegan Beauty & Lifestyle all in one place! 
(All of our other products are always Cruelty Free & Vegan)
We have many other products that are Eco Friendly-E.g in Glass Jars but they have plastic lids so we wanted to keep this section as 100% Plastic Free &/or Zero Waste.
You may find a few items arrive in what looks like plastic, like the Bain and Savon Bath Melt Pieces, they're not actually plastic and are compostable and biodegradable! 
We, as a Company are conscious of the environment and it's something we are currently working on (you'll find more products added to this range as time goes on). We are also trying to encourage the Companies we speak to and work with, to consider what packaging they are using.
You'll be pleased to know that we send ALL orders in Recycled & Recyclable Boxes, our 'Thank you' cards are made from plantable seed paper (turns to flowers for the bees), our Tissue Paper/Zig Zig Paper are Recycled & Biodegradable and we seal your box with a compostable & recyclable sticker made from sugar cane!