Fair Squared-Period Cup Large




Fair Squared Period Cup is a reusable Menstrual Cup made from fair trade latex rubber, the period cup size large is designed for women 30+ and also for women under 30 and over 30 who have given birth vaginally. The environmentally friendly period cups will collect menstrual blood rather than absorbing it in a sanitary pad or tampon. The Period Cup gives longer protection and is an excellent alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. The Period Cup includes an organic and fair trade cotton bag to store the cup in between your period.

Yes Protection for up to 12 hours
Yes Perfect for night use
Yes No fluff
Yes Environmentally friendly - no need to buy throw-away sanitary pads or tampons
Yes Re-usable
Yes Certified Vegan
Yes 100% Fair Trade Natural Rubber

How to use Fair Squared Period Cup
Fold the cup and insert. If it is inserted correctly you won't feel that it is there. Full instructions are in the box.

Additional Information
Yes No Plastic
Yes No Silicone
Yes No BPA
Yes No PVC
Yes No Phthalate
Yes No Bleach

100% Natural Rubber

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