Fairypants-Foundation Brush




An essential for any collection, this brush will see you right, no matter how many times you use it. Flat and tapered for precise application, use it in a swirling motion, starting in the centre of your face. This will give you an even, buildable coverage, without risking the dreaded tidemark on your jawline.

Made by a small business in the UK, all of these brushes are made from wood sourced in sustainable, managed forests. The synthetic fibres are made from Tacklon – a dreamy substance which manages to distribute your cosmetics evenly, without sucking it up – no more wasted foundation for you!

We recommend you wash your brushes at least once a week – set aside some time at the weekend and your skin will thank you for it. Bacteria can build up really easily on make up brushes, and a few minutes spent cleaning them can help prevent spots. Simply lather them up with a little gentle shampoo, rinse them and let them air dry.

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