Fair Squared

Fair Squared not only uses fairly traded ingredients whenever possible. We actively look to broaden the Fair Squared range to include more fairly traded produce. And we will promote Fair Trade wherever we can.

Organic – good for you and good for the environment:
With our products we are not only committed to you, but also to our producers. For us, the environment is an important part of this commitment: protect resources such as soil and water, promote biodiversity and ensure the sustainability of production methods.
We have succeeded in certifying all our products Natrue, The fairly traded ingredients for our cosmetic products are organically grown and the latex that we use comes from FSC certified plantations. Also, we support the environmental protection through Fairtrade. Fairtrade provides sustainability and environmental protection as an important contribution to the welfare of producers and the Fairtrade standards take this into account. Meanwhile, when it comes to fair trade, there´s much more than only a Fairtrade premium: Within the framework of the Fairtrade concept, experts work together with producers to improve sustainability and environmental protection and to allow organic certification.