5 Simple Eco Friendly Lifestyle Switches

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5 Simple Eco Friendly Lifestyle & Bathroom Essential Switches We Can All Make to Help Save our Planet 
When you're new to something it can feel pretty daunting. So, we've put together some of our favourite swaps you can make in your day to day life, and remember, every change made, does make a difference, so don't worry if you're not ready to do all of them just yet! 
1) Love Costa or Starbucks? Ditch the takeaway cups & take your own! 
Even better, take one that will biodegrade when you're done with it, introducing 'Go Sip', the planet friendly (literally pop it in the soil when you're done with it) Eco Travel Mug for when you're on the go-Here's our favourite 'Dare To Be Different'
Styles & Colours for both Men & Women 
2) We live for juice on the go, Chloe can't go 5 minutes without having a drink, so these are a must for anyone who used to go for a bottle or 10 of water or juice & not think twice! Fosh have a variety of different bottles, Chloe's favourite is the Speed King Bottle in Flamingo Pink as it's perfect for anywhere. Although this bottle has a plastic lid, it's better to buy something that you will use and enjoy, -rather than buy something that doesn't suit you, meaning you'll potentially revert back to those single use plastics! 100% Plastic Free options are also available for both Men & Women
Fosh Water Bottle Reusable & Plastic Free with Straw
Style & Colours to suit both Men & Women 
3) Guilty of answering 'yes please' to 'Do you need any bags?' Don't worry, we've been guilty of it too, but here's a tip-Grab an environmentally friendly shopping bag & pop it back in your car every time you've unloaded your shopping, that way, there's no way you'll forget it! Got plastic bags to use up? Get the most use out of them as possible & do the above with them too!
Jute Flamingo Shopping Bag
4) Use Shampoo & Conditioner by the bucket load (we do/did), so you're not on your own there! It's no secret that our favourite Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are made by Bain & Savon and are loved by many (keep an eye out for a 'how to transition' to a shampoo bar video which is coming soon).
Bain & Savon Shampoo Bar Bain & Savon Solid Conditioner Bar Zero Waste
Different hair type options available for both Men & Women
5) Say goodbye to toothpaste tubes! Ben & Anna have released a zero waste, natural version in a glass jar, which you can then use over & over for anything you wish-Toothbrush holder maybe? All 3 have a lovely minty taste & a little goes a long way. It's the perfect time to ditch the plastic toothbrush too, grab a bamboo one to match the eco toothpaste! 
Ben & Anna Zero Waste Natural Toothpaste Vegan & Cruelty Free The Humble Co Blue Adult Toothbrush - Plastic Free
Different toothpaste available for both Men & Women 
Different coloured toothbrushes available for Men, Women & Kids 
Hope you've enjoyed reading our blog, we hope it's inspired you to make a few changes. Let us know how you get on with them :)
Helen x

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  • Sara : July 27, 2019

    Great post, so many are so complicated but this is easy to read and some great changes that I can begin with! Thanks

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