How It Works

Free Delivery within the UK-Europe, USA & Canada is calculated at Checkout

Step 1.

Pick the Type of Box you would like-We have 2 available 'The Make Up Box' or 'The Beauty Box'. Make your chosen box more personal! After picking your box you will then be able to select your preferences-For example, we want to know if your Make Up Style is Vibrant & Lively or Dark & Sultry, do you use Fake Tan, do you prefer Nude Nail Polish instead of Neon?-We want you receiving Products that are suited to your Style or Taste! You can also choose 'Surprise Me' We know some of you will just want to try a variety of Products as you may be wanting to change your Style!

Step 2. 

Pick how long you would like to Sign Up for-Monthly (Billed on the 1st of each month, cancel anytime) or the 3 or 6 Month Prepay option. Which ever option you go for all include Free Shipping. All products in both boxes are 100% Cruelty Free & Vegan.

Step 3.

Let us know where you would like your Box delivering to, pay for your chosen Box and we'll do the rest! We'll take the hard work out of finding amazing Cruelty Free & Vegan Products-Your lovely Box will be shipped on or around the 10th of Each Month. All you have to do then is enjoy your new discoveries!

Free Delivery within the UK-Europe, USA & Canada is calculated at Checkout

Chances to win...

Don't forget to Tag us in a Picture of your Box on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to be in with a chance of winning your next Box!

Each Box will also contain a Winning Ticket-If you're the lucky one and find it in your Box then your next months Box is on us!